Nessa Illumination Technologies has been founded by people with vast experience in the semiconductor and solar industry and belonging to institutes like IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Bombay. From the beginning, the focus of founders has been on deriving greatest economic value from solar energy which led to the adoption of LEDs and Thin-Film technology. These technologies along with optimal design techniques have been the core strengths of the company.
Nessa is a systems integrator in the energy efficient lighting business providing a range of products with Solar as well as 220V AC Supply based LED lights and Solar Power Packs.
As mentioned above, with a focus on LEDs, Thin-Films and optimal design techniques, Nessa has been able to develop products which are highly reliable and elegant. Our products have an immediate 2x-3x cost advantage over conventional solar products of comparable quality and performance with payback periods now in the more reasonable duration of 1-3 years.